The campaign dataBeneComune liberarli tutti (free them all) reiterates its requests to the Government with an online event on 8 April entitled 50,000 reasons to free them all.
Among the participants: Nino Cartabellotta, President of the GIMBE Foundation, Riccardo Iacona, journalist and presenter of Presa Diretta. Open Data Sicily to take stock of management in the Sicilian Region

7 April 2021 – Following the last communiqué, we are today celebrating World Health Day around the world, which this year takes on an even more significant meaning in light of the pandemic situation we are experiencing. The theme promoted by the World Health Organisation focuses on a fairer and healthier world.

Full text dataBeneComune free them all:

Organisations and individuals promoting and supporting the #dataBeneComune campaign reiterate that effective public health management must necessarily include transparency and accessibility of data on the pandemic management plan in general and the vaccination plan in particular.

Without access to open and disaggregated data, it is not possible to monitor that political decisions are taken in the interest of the community; the news cases of the last few days have unfortunately shown that closed and, because of this, manipulable data, risk damaging an already hard-pressed citizenry. Openness is essential to ensure public scrutiny and thus greater guarantees that decisions are taken with the sole aim of protecting public health.

The health of each individual depends on the health of the community. For this reason, the management of the vaccination campaign is essential to get out of this crisis as soon as possible by ensuring maximum transparency and timely access to vaccines. The promoters of the #dataBeneComune campaign point out that the vaccination campaign presents significant criticalities both in terms of data flow and quality and in terms of the management, monitoring and reporting information system, which is why they ask that they be made available: 

  • Unambiguous definition of target categories and their numbers
  • Priority categories consistent with reporting categories
  • Standard definition of datasets and flows for the management and monitoring of the plan
  • Definition of targets and milestones disaggregated by region/month
  • The plan to reach people in a serious condition of marginality
  • Agile and standardised tools for data entry at vaccination points
  • Improved data quality and management of the many feedbacks received publicly on the official publication space.

Conclusion datiBeneComune to free them all:

Through this campaign, civil society is clamouring for a change of pace on the part of the government and the relevant institutions so that the words transparency and accountability take on real value. For this reason, an online event entitled 50,000 reasons to free them all will be organised tomorrow to give voice to all these testimonies. The event can be followed on ActionAid’s YouTube channel and on the website from 5pm to 8pm.

Representatives of more than 30 sponsoring organisations will participate, including Nino Cartabellotta, President of the GIMBE Foundation; Riccardo Iacona, journalist, author and presenter of Presa Diretta; Open Data Sicily to take stock of its management in the Sicilian Region; and Unilab Svoltastudenti, a network of young university students who will give a voice to the many students who, more than others, have had to face sacrifices and renunciations this year.

More information on the event is available here.

Unilab Svoltastudenti

Carlo Giovani – Matteo Giugovaz

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