The National Council of University Students has brought the qualification for school teaching to the Ministry’s attention. It also requests the involvement of the CNSU in the discussion on the modification of access to teaching through the expression of its own representation. The CNSU should be involved both in the bodies responsible for proposing legislation on teaching training and in monitoring the process.

This is why the National Council of University Students passed a motion on qualification for school teaching, which it recommends:

  • the training period for the teaching qualification should be postponed until after passing the competitive examination for entry to the post. The qualification course should be placed during the training and probationary year and suitably reformed and reorganised. It is so in order to guarantee the acquisition of pedagogical and teaching content, avoiding immediate entry into the classroom. It adds a structured relationship between school and university;
  • clarification of the practical training arrangements (e.g. tutor relationship, duties);
  • that during the probationary year the contractual conditions (regulatory and economic) are adequate; that the number of teaching staff is not only sufficient to guarantee the quality of teaching in the psycho-pedagogical sectors. But that, in the hope of investment in the disciplines in question, research in the sector is promoted, so as to make an ever greater contribution to innovation in teaching and the learning sector in general, also making a contribution to lifelong learning;
  • it should be possible to validate free of charge the CFUs useful for the course by means of unambiguous indications throughout the country, standardising the system;
  • that the tests in the competition for access to the role be focused exclusively on the disciplinary content of the competition classes chosen by future teachers;
  • it should be possible to take part in the competition for access to the teaching post for more than one competition class;
  • that specific pathways to tenure be provided for teachers already working on precarious contracts and for students and graduates who, up to the current academic year, have obtained the 24 CFU or have enrolled in pathways to obtain them.

It also asks:

The Ministry of Universities and Research, in agreement with the Ministry of Education, in order to know what measures it intends to take to regulate the recruitment of teachers for first and second grade secondary schools.

Carlo Giovani

Students Representative in CNSU and CUN (2019-2022)

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