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The National Council of University Students has called in a motion for the removal of constraints on extracurricular credits outside the curriculum.

The CNSU requests the removal of constraints for extracurricular credits outside the plan, asking for:

  • abolish any limitation on the acquisition by university students of extracurricular credits (so-called ‘off-plan’ credits) outside the students’ own study plans.

The Council notes that over the years many Italian universities have introduced a variety of different constraints on the acquisition of the above-mentioned credits.
It should be noted that the constraints in question have no effect whatsoever on the academic career of university students and cannot, therefore, be included in any way in the study plans. In this sense, the justification for the presence of possible limitations to credits outside the plan appears sterile. Therefore they cannot distort the educational objectives of the chosen study course.

The National Student Council also believes that:

  • no limits should be placed on the choice of the type of examination to be taken; including the use of training modules provided by departments (or faculties) other than those to which the course of study attended relates. This is in order to allow students to enhance their training according to their professional aspirations.

Moreover, the Council points out that often the restrictions imposed on students can only be understood as a strategic means by the universities concerned. That is, of self-financing through the compulsion, especially for students interested in pursuing their university course with the aim of becoming teachers in secondary schools of I and II degree, of ancillary payments to the expenses already incurred for the enrolment in the current academic year by the student.

Finally, it can be seen that a student who decides to broaden the cultural sphere of his or her education, should he or she decide to supplement his or her course with extracurricular courses, would in any case be forced to lengthen his or her university career and would therefore cover his or her stay in the designated structure with the normal payment of his or her fees.

In conclusion, it is believed that the widening of one’s knowledge and skills should be encouraged as much as possible. This means that it should not be hindered, and that it should encourage greater integration between degree courses that are very different from each other in terms of their educational offerings and objectives.

Carlo Giovani

Students Representative in CNSU and CUN (2019-2022)

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