The Internationalisation Commission, chaired by Vincenzo Giannico, approved the parliamentary inquiry on DR 1592/33 submitted by Unilab Svoltastudenti. This question concerns the Royal Decree of 1933, and was subsequently unanimously signed by the entire National Council of University Students (CNSU).
The question asks Minister Carrozza directly what action she intends to take in order to resolve the obvious antinomy between the 1933 Royal Decree and the widely known need and prerogatives of the Italian university system to internationalise. These are repeatedly referred to in Law 240/2010, the Bologna Process and the European Union.

Specifically, the National Council of University Students is asking a parliamentary inquiry on DR 1592/33:

  • What action does the Commission intend to take in order to resolve the obvious contradiction between Royal Decree No 1592; of 31 August 1933, the consolidated text of the laws on higher education. In particular Article 271, Chapter I – General provisions, Title IV – GENERAL, FINAL, SPECIAL AND TRANSITIONAL PROVISIONS, which states. The Italian language shall be the official language of teaching and examinations in all university establishments, and the above-mentioned points containing regulatory and policy texts?
  • to consider, in view of the forthcoming ruling by the Council of State on the appeal against the above-mentioned judgment of the TAR, the advisability of proposing to the Council of Ministers that an urgent decree-law be issued on the matter.

Unilab Svoltastudenti

Angelo Antinoro – Vincenzo Giannico

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