A long-standing problem for out-of-town students healthcare for students is that of the general practitioner. It is not possible to have out-of-town healthcare with a general practitioner service in the city of residence without leaving the family doctor at home. This is a major impediment for students; for this reason we have brought a motion on this issue to the meeting of the National Council of University Students.

The National Council of University Students regarding out-of-town students healthcare.

We demand that students have equal and free access to primary health care in the place where they are domiciled during their studies. In addition, we would like to simplify and standardise the current procedure whereby you can only apply for a new general practitioner for a limited time. However, they are aware that this means that they will have to give up the one assigned to them in their city of residence.

It was also considered appropriate to include the issue of psychological support in universities. In order to facilitate free access for all students to services guaranteeing them complete psychophysical wellbeing; also by enhancing the activities of counselling centres and psychological counters in universities, through agreements with ASST.

Finally, we hope that a framework agreement between the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research and the Ministry of Health will be concluded as soon as possible on the above-mentioned points.

Carlo Giovani

Students Representative in CNSU and CUN (2019-2022)

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