In a motion, several requests were brought to the National Council of University Students regarding the organisation of specialist medical training, dealing with both the training funnel and the quality of training. Firstly:

  • the activation of the National Observatory for Specialist Medical Training (O.N.F.M.S.) and verification of the accreditation requirements;
  • setting up of a working table with a view to drawing up a structural reform with regard to the organisation of specialist medical training with the following objectives:
    • the elimination of the “training funnel”, with a ratio of training contracts awarded to candidates of 1 to 1;
    • safeguarding of the quality of specialist medical training, by means of mechanisms leading to a continuous raising of standards;
    • the introduction of a National Core Curriculum for training;
    • the protection and remuneration of extraordinary services provided by doctors in training.

On the other hand, with regard to the SSM competition, again regarding the training funnel and training quality:

  • the publication of the SSM 2020 announcement in good time to allow candidates to plan their preparation time for the competition and the planning of any transfers based on the location of the test;
  • the immediate publication of the subdivision and distribution of specialist training contracts in the various specialities, so that candidates are provided with all the information they need to make an informed choice of their school-seat in a timely manner;
  • to guarantee the control and homogeneity of the environmental conditions in which the competition tests are held. This is done by setting up large environments that ensure the presence of an adequate distance between the stations in all the competition venues;
  • that the Ministry of Universities and Research provides an adequate bibliography and a detailed syllabus on the subjects of the competition. This is in order to minimise the element of randomness;
  • the setting up of a working table with the managers and technicians of the MUR, in order to reform the SSM competition procedures and assess:
    • shared modalities to minimise the dispersion of contracts;
    • modalities of sliding the ranking list and of extraordinary steps that optimise the selection phase and avoid any possible dispersion of contracts;
    • to implement the telematic operating system to support the competition test in order to make the allocation and scrolling operations faster;
    • to publish the official results of the previous editions, in terms of score differentiated by seat and specialisation school. As well as the number of contracts abandoned before enrolment or during the training period.

Carlo Giovani

Students Representative in CNSU and CUN (2019-2022)

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