In view of the need for more specific and detailed information when drafting motions and drawing up proposals to be submitted to the body, we tabled a motion in the National Council of University Students to request access to ministerial databases.

The National Council of University Students asks about access to ministerial databases.

Specifically, we have requested that CNSU councillors be given access to data and reports on the university system. This applies both to data held by Ministries and other national agencies. This access must be guaranteed equally to all councillors and they must be allowed to access these documents quickly and easily, in order to draw up proposals and opinions on the basis of them.

We hope that this access will be provided to us as soon as possible so that we can do our job even better. Indeed, we have brought this request in order to be able to make an informed assessment of the different situations underlying the student condition. This would also allow us to weigh up the different reports we receive and our experiences as groups and individuals in the university. It would immediately improve the level of our work and the proposals submitted.

Carlo Giovani

Students Representative in CNSU and CUN (2019-2022)

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