The National Council of University Students has called for the extension of free access to all national museums for university students. This request underlines the importance of culture in the education of young people.
Culture should not depend on personal finances but be accessible to everyone in their free time.

This is why the National Council of University Students has passed a motion calling for:

  • that the Recovery Fund plan should include the measure of extending free access to all national museums to all university students regularly enrolled at their university. This is intended as a measure to encourage access to culture and as an ideal message of revitalisation of the country in this period of crisis;
  • that the Ministry of Cultural Heritage should advocate for university students to be able to use the facilities at reduced costs. It should also include non-national museum facilities belonging to private foundations.

This follows on from what has already been requested regarding the culture bonus.
There are already a number of agreements: for example, students of Architecture, Art History and Academies can enter some museums free of charge. In addition, there are various European agreements to allow EU students to visit national museums in countries belonging to the community at reduced or subsidised rates.
We hope to continue along this path, with the aim of making culture accessible to all.

Carlo Giovani

Students Representative in CNSU and CUN (2019-2022)

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