The CoViD-19 pandemic is showing us how topical the battle for the affirmation of rights is, and this is the reason for the Network Voto Fuorisede Manifesto. In this case, the one to allow citizens who are not based at home to express their vote. Silent voices, deprived of the possibility to contribute to the future of our communities.

There have been many missed opportunities over the years to give millions of citizens their say, and we cannot allow this to happen again. A major electoral season awaits the country in 2021: metropolitan cities and hundreds of small and medium-sized municipalities will be put to the vote. Among these appointments, the exceptionality of Calabria stands out: it is the only region to vote, a well-known land of emigration that would be affected by huge, uncontrollable and avoidable return flows.

Indeed, the citizens of Calabria, like all those from outside the region who have been summoned to the polls in the difficult pandemic emergency, will be called upon en masse to choose whether they prefer the fundamental right to health or to elect their representatives.

Far from being a Calabrian battle alone, it could set the precedent needed to implement the remote voting system for all subsequent elections.

A battle of national unity, today, to ensure a safe vote in Calabria represents the fulfilment of claims that have crossed the country in the last decade. This is thanks to the work of institutional bodies such as the National Council of University Students and the National Council of Youth; or movements such as Io Voto Fuori Sede and Voto Dove Vivo. After the presentation of six bills at the time of the writing of the Manifesto Voto Fuorisede Network – such as those signed by Ceccanti; Calabria and Madia – numerous questions to the Ministries and the appeal presented to the Court of Palermo in order to raise the issue before the Constitutional Court, now we cannot wait any longer.

As already experienced with citizens living abroad, the modality through which this change could take place is postal voting.

Moreover, at a time when many administrative tasks are now carried out through the use of digital identity, another avenue that can be explored is that of exploiting SPID. Whether it is used to register on the electoral roll or directly to vote, it is a tool that should be exploited if we really want to give substance to our intention.

In the long relay race to get the vote out, the last in order of time to pick up this baton was the Valarioti Collective. This is because from Calabria we can together relaunch this campaign, which needs new forces, new stimuli, new actors.

We feel the need to join forces, to create broad synergies so that the battle can be echoed throughout the country. That is why we want to gather support, to be taken up by an increasing number of subjects, whether collective or individual.

We would like to launch this appeal to all associations, movements and groups in Calabria and at national level. This is to send a clear call to the political class to solve, once and for all, this deficit in our democratic system; an appeal that can also stimulate the participation of citizens as well as organised entities.

A right is not a right if it is not recognised and guaranteed to all; otherwise it is a privilege. And today we choose an Italy built on equality.

Contact details: Unilab Svoltastudenti – La Students’ Union Italiana

Unilab Svoltastudenti

Carlo Giovani – Matteo Giugovaz

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