Unilab Svoltastudenti brought two motions regarding Mobility and the United Kingdom to the February 2021 meeting of the National Council of University Students (CNSU).

The first motion concerning Erasmus mobility asks:

  • that, while respecting the autonomy of individual universities, the Ministry provide strong guidelines to facilitate the resumption of exchange activities. The Ministry invites the universities to collaborate and communicate with their European partner universities in order to guarantee the highest possible level of security for departing students. That the Ministry provides clear indications to students who are preparing to leave for a period of student mobility abroad. So that the Ministry also ensure that mobility periods can begin within twelve months of acceptance of the study award, failing which any award already paid will be refunded in full;
  • that further support measures be proposed for universities facing difficulties in managing foreign mobility grants. These should not be purely financial, but rather logistical and organisational. All this is to ensure that the resources can be used where the failure to publish a call for applications prevents them from being used;
  • that all deadlines associated with the submission of the call for proposals be deferred for a reasonable period of time. This is to ensure that students can complete all the necessary formalities within a reasonable timeframe or, at least, to allow them to start their Erasmus+ course in blendend mode in the meantime;
  • that students who have already incurred expenses in connection with their period of stay abroad under Erasmus but who have been denied the possibility of departure be reimbursed. Alternatively, that all Italian universities and their international offices formalise the possibility of reinstating mobility for successful students;
  • That guarantees and safeguards are provided with regard to possible necessary early repatriation or health emergency requirements for both students and the public.

The second motion concerns mobility to the United Kingdom. The motion, approved by the body asks:

  • that the Ministry of Universities and Research, in consultation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, should work to ensure continuity in student exchange projects. This is particularly the case with universities based in the United Kingdom, also in telematic form, starting from the next academic year 2021/2022;
  • that negotiations be initiated to allow Italian universities to join the new student exchange scheme with the UK;
  • that there is no change to the economic and academic conditions provided by Erasmus for students from European universities on a student exchange with a UK university.

This motion is a translation of what we asked European leaders earlier this year about Mobility Towards the UK. We sent a letter to the European leaders, which we have already explained here and to which we received a reply.

Carlo Giovani

Students Representative in CNSU and CUN (2019-2022)

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