CNSU 2016-2019

We are in Rome for the second meeting of the National Council of University Students (CNSU), dealing with post-earthquake and the right to study. Updates from the Unilab Svoltastudenti group.

On the table of the Commission for the Right to Study, we will discuss our proposal of criteria for the allocation of 400 scholarships of 15 thousand euros, allocated by the Ministry of Education in the text of the Student Act and intended for incomes below 20 thousand euros.

Our proposal is simple but structural, and aims to affirm two founding principles: fairness and meritocracy. For this reason, we have devised an initial selection model of 1,000 candidates that aims to align students’ profiles. By awarding 60% of the prize to the school curriculum, selecting four common subjects (Italian, Maths, English and History) and two specialised subjects. In addition to these, the INVALSI test results would be added at 40%. We are convinced that a future discussion table should be opened for a reform of the latter. But they are currently the only assessment criteria on a national basis.

In addition, we propose that the 1,000 selected take an aptitude test in five locations in the country (Bari, Cagliari, Milan, Naples, Palermo and Rome) based on the Oxford TSA model, which inspires the entrance tests of the most prestigious universities.

“We don’t have the truth in our pockets and we are well aware that there are no perfect selection criteria. But we believe that the comparison between representatives of different lists and different realities of the country will lead to the definition of a model of efficient measures that leaves no one behind, in order to guarantee with facts the principles of the right to study and the reward for merit.”

The National Council of University Students on the aftermath of the earthquake.

Among other things, together with our colleagues from the Confederazione degli Studenti, we thought it appropriate to request exemption from university fees for the 2016/2017 academic year for all university students residing in the municipalities affected by the earthquake. This, in our opinion, was the only concrete and genuine help they could give.
Download the text here.

Unilab Svoltastudenti

Mario Moschetta – Domenico Stranieri

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