From the National Council of University Students (CNSU) comes news that reinforces and speeds up the process of implementing the early practice. It is an achievement that shows how the synergy between the work of representatives at the university and at the CNSU can lead to great results!


In fact, the National Bar Council and the National Conference of Directors of Law and Legal Sciences stipulate an agreement. It deals with the anticipation of one semester of traineeship.
As a first step in the implementation of the above-mentioned framework convention, the Bar Councils may enter into special agreements with the individual universities in which there are Faculties, Departments or Schools in which the Master of Science in Law course is established and activated. The stipulation of agreements at the level of each individual university is a necessary condition for the anticipation of the semester of internship during the course of study.
In order to be able to take advantage of a semester’s early training, the student must be still studying at the university and (obviously before obtaining his or her degree).

He or she must also be in good standing in terms of taking profit examinations. This is for the first four years of the degree course as long as you have obtained credits in the following:

  • Scientific Disciplinary Sector Private Law (IUS/01);
  • SSD Civil Procedural Law (IUS/15);
  • Scientific Disciplinary Sector Criminal Law (IUS/17);
  • SSD Criminal Procedural Law (IUS/16);
  • Scientific Disciplinary Sector Administrative Law (IUS/10);
  • SSD Constitutional Law (IUS/08);
  • European Union Law (IUS/14).

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