In view of the climate of uncertainty and the growing demands of students all over Italy regarding the restart, the National Council of University Students has decided to put a parliamentary inquiry on the restart of universities to Minister Gaetano Manfedi.

The demands made in the question on university restart are as follows:

  • that the Minister for Universities and Research provide further information on the organisation and management concerning the remaining part of phase 2 and phase 3;
  • In particular, it is essential to clarify how “blended teaching” will be implemented from September onwards. This is in fact to enable university students and future freshmen to find their bearings in terms of organisation with a view to the next academic year and, in particular, to enable out-of-town students to plan their accommodation for the coming academic year;
  • whether measures to support students from outside the country are envisaged in the forthcoming decrees, in order to meet the costs of rent and university residence fees, which many people are continuing to pay in recent months;
  • that clarity be provided on the procedures for access to closed-number courses;
  • to provide clarity regarding the MAECI traineeships for the January 2020 call for applications, providing for a derogation of student status. This is in fact in order to possibly provide for a conversion of curricular internships into non-curricular ones. This is along the lines of the extensions provided for Erasmus calls and/or a smart working mode with precise guarantees from the host organisation;
  • that the Ministry makes clear as soon as possible any decisions regarding changes to the merit criteria for awarding scholarships;
  • Finally, we would like to know how the Ministry intends to deal with the issue of the use of teaching facilities by students from abroad. Finally, we would like to know how the Ministry intends to deal with the issue of out-of-town students’ access to education.

We hope for a prompt response from the Minister, given that these doubts are shared by all students with regard to the forthcoming start.

Carlo Giovani

Students Representative in CNSU and CUN (2019-2022)

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