Unilab Svoltastudenti brought a motion to the June 2021 meeting of the National Council of University Students calling for the establishment of the Digital Integrated Teaching Guidelines.

The motion concerning the Digital Integrated Teaching Guidelines calls for:

  • that, in view of the probable return to face-to-face teaching during the next academic year, the Ministry of Universities and Research should provide universities, during the summer period, with guidelines for effectively integrating traditional face-to-face teaching with the new digital teaching tools shared over the last two academic years. Such an effort should go in the direction of suggesting measures such as:
    • the use of platforms to adapt teaching methods through didactic tools such as flipped classes, individual in-distance self-study moments and collective learning activities, through the strengthening of complementary technological tools and services;
    • integrating teaching methods by teachers, who will have to receive appropriate support and training, especially to implement the use of innovative teaching methods in an appropriate way;
    • the allocation of adequate additional resources to pursue these objectives.

In fact, it is considered necessary to follow up on the investments made in digitisation over the last two years. The aim is to make teaching more innovative and inclusive and not to undermine the progress made in terms of digital innovation.

It is therefore considered appropriate:

  • provide for the maintenance of distance activities such as:
  • reception of teachers;
  • secretarial services;
  • access to bibliographic material, as a constant support, and not optional.

These services are meant to be supplementary to the ordinary front-office delivery methods, which requires an increase in human and technical resources; the possibility of continuing to follow online lessons must be guaranteed with the gradual reopening of the university sites;

Finally, it is considered appropriate to monitor the level of use of these new methods by the universities, with the contribution of this Council, in order to assess their actual effectiveness.

Carlo Giovani

Students Representative in CNSU and CUN (2019-2022)

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