The National Council of University Students approved a parliamentary inquiry asking about the timing and modalities […]
Together with the National Council of University Students (CNSU), we approved a motion on the extension […]
An issue that is always dear to us is that of health care for out-of-town students. […]
In view of the situation and the criticality of the bar exam due to the health […]
In a motion, several requests were brought to the National Council of University Students regarding the […]
In view of the need for more specific and detailed information when drafting motions and drawing […]
In view of the serious shortage of specialist doctors in Italy and the wide discrepancy between […]
Due to the continuation of the epidemiological emergency and the consequent delay in the correction of […]
The I-RASMUS Internal Mobility is an innovative proposal, brought forward by our Council Group Confederation of […]
In view of the natural disasters that hit our country in the last few months of […]